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Beethoven and the Zipper by Suzanne Baker
The Astonishing Story of Musica Viva

In 1942 an enemy alien was trusted with a top-secret assignment for the Australian war effort. He was a Viennese Viola player and owner of a factory called Natty Novelties, ordered to produce his innovative zip fasteners for the defence forces. Profits were then used to kick-start what became an international music phenomenon.

 A Central theme in this story is the Great Fugue, composed in 1826 by Beethoven. For almost a century, it baffled and angered audiences. Finally, in Paris in the 1920s, it was acknowledged as a masterpiece. Seventeen years before Igor Stravinsky pronounced it "a perfect miracle" in 1962, the Great Fugue was chosen in 1945 in Australia to create another miracle that helped redress a personal tragedy.

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More Than Music by Gwen Bennett
The Life and Work of Kenneth W Tribe AC

Ken Tribe AC was an integral part of major developments in the arts in Australian for 50 years after World War II, particularly - but not only - in the field of music. is influence on the cultural life of the country cannot be overestimated in the light of his 40 years at the artistic helm of Musica Viva, his pivotal role in formation of policies for the first Australia Council, his support of living composers and performers and much more. He also spent 40 years working for the deaf.

Although much of the content of this book comes from interviews with the subject, it is not an authorised biography; indeed, there are some comments that Ken Tribe would probably not have condoned, had he been given the chance. However, it reflects a contemporary account from a major player in the field and should therefore remain interesting for future researchers.
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The Vanished Musicians (Die verschwundenen Musiker) by Albrecht Dümling





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