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“We believe that music’s an essential part of life. Musica Viva brings us the best music with reasonably priced tickets so we thought we’d offer additional support. Though we can’t give large gifts, we realised that our smaller, regular donations were still valuable. By being public about our donation, we hope that more people will join us as supporters.”
Dr. Arn Sprogis

Though you may have enjoyed a Musica Viva concert, did you know that we’re also the country’s largest provider of music education in schools?

Over the last thirty five years, Musica Viva has brought live music education to millions of Australian children, including those in remote and regional communities.

All of this is only made possible by support from people like you.

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Musica Viva relies on the generosity of subscribers, corporate supporters and government partners. But without the support of individual donors, we would be unable to maintain the high standards in education and performance that you've come to expect from us.

Please use the links above, or contact Hywel Sims on (02) 8394 6672 or to find out how you can become a part of Musica Viva's long tradition of individual philanthropy.



“Commissioning music had never crossed my mind before I heard Julian Burnside's Peggy Glanville-Hicks' address in 2004. One point he made was that if no one commissioned music, there'd be a huge gap in our culture. That resonated with me, so too did his suggestion that if you couldn't afford to do it yourself, you could get together with a bunch of others and pool your resources…”
Leta Keens (Silo Collective)