Musica Viva's Commissions

Winner of the 2006 Classical Music Award for Distinguished Services to Australian Music, Musica Viva strives to fulfil its responsibility to invest in our established and young, emerging composers.

Commissioners are acknowledged in perpetuity for the critical role they play in the composition of a new work.  This occurs in the published version of the piece as well as all Musica Viva concert performances.

A commission may be something you undertake as a gift to celebrate a particular birthday or anniversary.  Commissions are often used to pay tribute to, or celebrate the life of a loved one.

Funding a commission may be done in a number of ways.  You may wish to consider making a single tax-deductible gift in support or perhaps spread the gift in several instalments over two financial years.  

You may also consider pledging a bequest to Musica Viva to commission exciting new works of the future.  We invite you to play your part in shaping the history of Australian music.

Watch a short video highlighting our dedication to supporting Australian Composers:

Thank you to those who have made their mark in history by commissioning chamber music through Musica Viva Australia.

For more information about commissioning opportunities please contact
Steve Clarke at or on (02) 8394 6616