Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnership with the arts is a powerful tool which provides a range of benefits increasing public perception and brand awareness, generating goodwill in the broader community, strengthening relationships with clients, facilitating networking opportunities, inspiring staff and helping your company become an employer of choice.


Musica Viva’s award winning Executive Office team works collaboratively with its corporate partners to achieve the goals of both organisations. Particular emphasis is placed on joint strategy development and regular monitoring of agreed milestones and KPIs, including annual illustrated reports for both internal and external use.


Musica Viva has an excellent corporate partnership track record with 64 years of history and know-how, reflecting the values embodied by your own company from respected “corporate citizenship” to high “return-on-investment”.


Musica Viva’s unique positioning is one of an Australia-wide company with an extensive variety of programs, making it the most prolific presenter of chamber music in the world.


Presenting over 2,400 concerts annually and reaching more than 450,000 people across Australia, Musica Viva has been classified by the Australian government as a “national flagship of Australia’s Major Performing Arts Organisations”. 

Music Teacher Mandy Langlois on the NAISDA / Rio Tinto supported programs:

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