Shining a Light on Music Education

Discover how one donor helped to highlight the work of many

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, just think what a powerful tool videos are for an organisation like Musica Viva.

Many of you may have seen our Music Matters video which features on our website and has been used in a number of online campaigns. Made by the Browns Lane production company, the video beautifully depicts the breadth of the work we do through our Musical Viva In Schools program, and includes interviews with a number of our donors who articulate their reasons for supporting Musica Viva’s education program.

Up until last year, production costs associated with the medium made it prohibitively expensive for Musica Viva to make a video like this.

But then a generous donor stepped in and offered to cover the cost of production. It seems only fitting that a short film which highlights the generosity of our donors, was only made possible itself through the generosity of a donor.

It is an analogy that is true of all the work we do – without YOU there simply would not be a Musica Viva.