Your Concert Experience

First time at a Musica Viva performance?  Don’t feel nervous and overwhelmed by the whole idea of concert etiquette. Here are a few simple tips that will make you feel like you’re a regular.

Arrival Time
Try to arrive at least 20 minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin. This will give you plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere of the concert hall, meet up with friends, find your seat and read your complimentary Concert Guide before the concert starts.

Any latecomers will be asked to wait in the foyer until the interval or a suitable break in the performance.

There is an etiquette to applause at chamber music concerts which is quite easy to follow, once you know the rules.
In general, a piece of music has several sections called movements, like chapters of a book. The musicians will pause between each movement of a piece of music. It is accepted practice not to applaud between the movements, but to wait until the end of each piece of music.
To help understand what's going on, refer to your complimentary Concert Guide to see how many movements there are in each piece of music. Or simply follow the cues from other audience members.

Electronic Devices
Cameras and recording devices are not permitted at any time during a performance. Please also remember to switch off all mobile phones, pagers, beeping watches, and any other potentially disruptive electronic devices before the performance begins.
Dress Code
The range of concertgoers is vast and varied, and therefore so is their attire. While some attendees are smart, but casual, others treat this as a reason to dress up in their finest. A concert is a special event. We request that you dress appropriately for the occasion and that your grooming considers others.