Your Concert Experience

Give this concert your best performance…
We offer these suggestions in the knowledge that you want to enjoy every Musica Viva Australia concert to the full.
So please…

Arrive in plenty of time

In most venues, staff will not admit latecomers until a suitable break in the performance. Musica Viva and venue management reserve the right of refusing admission.

Get the most out of your musical experience

Discover more about the music through our series of free pre-concert talks, ‘meet the artist’ events, CD signings and related performances at selected concerts, nationally. Find out what’s happening in your city by clicking here.

Switch off your mobile phone

before the concert commences. Patrons expecting emergency calls should leave their seat numbers with the House Manager.


Musica Viva concert venues are committed to providing the best possible services for patrons with disabilities. Please let the staff know of your special requirements at the time of booking or when you arrive. For hearing-impaired patrons, most halls provide a hearing induction loop you may access. In order to do this, please switch your hearing aid to the “T” position.

Note the location of the closest exit sign

In the unlikely event of an emergency, please listen carefully to the staff’s instructions. Venue staff are trained in emergency procedures and will assist and direct you should such an occasion arise.

Do not take photographs, video or sound recordings of the performance

Most venues strictly prohibit this, and it may also breach copyright.

Reserve applause until the conclusion of each work

A good rule of thumb is to show your appreciation at the conclusion of a work – then you can clap as long and loudly as you like!

Wait until the performers have taken their final bow before leaving the hall

It’s difficult to squeeze past other seated patrons, and you might just miss an unforgettable encore. Smoking is not permitted in this venue. Musica Viva Australia reserves the right to alter without notice programs, performers, dates, times, venues and/or prices as may become necessary.