"The fabulous playing and teamwork of the Sutherland Trio reached a pinnacle with Ravel’s Piano Trio in A minor.” - Julie McErlain, Classic Melbourne

Elizabeth Sellars Violin
Molly Kadarauch Cello
Caroline Almonte Piano

Sutherland Trio combines the wealth of experience belonging to three of Melbourne’s most celebrated musicians. Pianist Caroline Almonte, cellist Molly Kadarauch and violinist Elizabeth Sellars are international prize-winners who have played with chamber ensembles of the highest acclaim. Their natural rapport radiates in performance giving the audience a warm, engaging, and mature insight to the music.

Formed in 2010 in honour of the trailblazing Australian composer, teacher and pioneer Margaret Sutherland, the trio’s vision is to highlight a female composer in each concert and to combine great works of the western art chamber music tradition with significant directions in composition worldwide. International and Australian premieres have included works by Lera Auerbach, Britta Bystrom, Stuart Greenbaum, Christine McCombe, Richard Danielpour, Katy Abbot, Caroline Almonte, Paul Grabowsky, Mary Finsterer and Missy Mazzoli.

During their eleven year collaboration, Sutherland Trio have curated and performed five concert-series at the Melbourne Recital Centre. The trio were honoured to be appointed inaugural fellows at the University of Melbourne's Medley Hall where they presented concerts to the Medley Hall community. As passionate educators, Sutherland Trio have also performed concerts for young children at Melbourne Recital Centre and Monash University. Performance highlights have included Musica Viva (including this year’s new concert initiative at Melbourne Museum), Adelaide’s Elder Hall, Port Fairy Festival, Macedon Music, 3MBS Marathons, Mornington Peninsula Summer Music Festival, Duneira, Melbourne Digital Concert Hall, Benalla Art Gallery, and ABC Classic FM.

Making Angels combines three inspired works that were revolutionary at the time of their composition. The KV548 trio derives from a period of intense creativity and productivity for Mozart. It reveals qualities of both light and dark in a masterful combination of flamboyant gestures and child-like innocence with minor tonalities, sighing tones and dark chromaticism. Katy Abbott's Making Angels was inspired by Michelangelo’s sculptures Four Prisoners / Quattro Prigioni that date from ca.1521 -1523 and are housed in Florence, Italy. Katy Abbot strove to capture the inseparability of the prisoner and the marble, the textural differences within the sculpture but also the wrought emotion portrayed by the figures. Her trio is remarkable for the sinewy and interweaving musical lines that demand high levels of co-ordination within the ensemble and a soaring atmosphere that strives towards freedom and light.

Ravel's much loved piano trio was featured in the films Un Cœur en Hiver and Birdman. Famously, Ravel wrote that "I’ve written my trio. Now all I need are the themes." Ravel was revolutionary in his use of coloristic techniques such as pizzicato, tremolo, harmonics, glissandi and sustained trills which he layered upon chordal melody in the piano to create intriguing and orchestral-like textures. The trio features Basque folk music elements including unusual rhythmic patterns and time signatures as well as a musical equivalent to Malaysian Pantoum verse form. The result is musical masterpiece full of colour and dramatic sweep.

Mozart Piano Trio in C major KV548
Katy Abbott Making Angels 
Ravel Piano Trio

Format: 60 minutes, no interval

Videos provided courtesy of the Melbourne Digital Concert Hall (MDCH)

Sutherland Trio: Mozart Piano Trio in C major KV548 - I. Allegro

Sutherland Trio: Ravel Piano Trio - I. Modéré


Technical Specifications

  • Grand piano tuned the day of the performance
  • Two music stands
  • One chair
  • Cello riser (or equivalent) if available
  • Microphone for speaking to the audience 


All members of the Sutherland Trio are available for the following workshop and engagement activities:

  • Masterclasses to students of all ages
  • Workshops on specific topics such as how to play chamber music, posture, phrasing and musical interpretation
  • Pre-concert talks related to the music we are performing
  • Open rehearsals
  • Children's chamber music concerts with two options:
    • Musical excerpts from the chamber repertoire interspersed with commentary by the trio and questionnaires (secondary school ages)
    • Musical excerpts from the chamber repertoire interweaved with fairy tales (ages 5-8)


From July onwards. Please contact Musica Viva for further details.

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