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At Musica Viva Australia, we are proud to be one of Australia’s largest and most trusted providers of music education in the country. We are passionate about providing opportunities for teachers and students to engage in creative learning through our Musica Viva Australia In Schools program, and we are inspired to deliver on our vision to enhance children’s appreciation of music and boost their creativity.

In 2023, more than 55 of Australia’s best musicians travelled to all corners of our nation’s states and territories to perform interactive, musically, and culturally diverse performances for more than 160,000 students. We supported thousands of teachers with the tools to teach music in their classroom with a portfolio of curriculum aligned resources and professional
development opportunities.

Musica Viva Australia In Schools offers year-round opportunities for engagement.

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Musica Viva Australia In Schools is proud to present culturally and musically diverse ensembles with some of Australia's best musicians.

Professional Development

Get the most out of your program with accredited professional development, specifically curated to bring you closer to the music and help you to create meaningful experiences for your students.

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Musica Viva Australia In Schools is an all-inclusive package that provides a year-round engaging music program for teachers and students. 


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Interactive live performances at your school

We present live in school performances nationally.

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