Get to know: Adventures in Antarctica

Esteemed, classically trained harpists, Alice Giles and Liena Lacey guide students through the frozen wonder of Antarctica with sounds of the harp, seals, penguins, water, wind and ice in their engaging Musica Viva In Schools performance. We caught up with the creator of this concert experience, Alice Giles to learn more about the musicians outside of Musica Viva In Schools, how they adapted to online performances during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, and much more.

Tell us about your performance. What can teachers and students expect, and what is your favourite part of the show?

This is a show about experiencing adventure through music. It reflects the Antarctic experience with a wide variety of emotions such as joy, excitement and the experience of beauty, as well as physical experiences such as wind, cold, and exhilaration, all through a variety of music and visuals. We bring the students on the expedition and invite their participation in finding musical sounds that express their feelings. My favourite part is when everyone joins in with A’Roving - fingers crossed this will be OK to do this term!

Read the full article here and watch the video!


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