Program Professional Development

Musica Viva In Schools is proud to present a range of face-to-face and online professional development opportunities to support music teaching in Australian schools.

Our workshops cover basic music elements from the F-10 music curriculum and develops them in more sophisticated ways through skills, ideas, and activities for use in the classroom immediately. All our events are designed for both generalist classroom teachers and music specialists.

Our webinars cover each of our 15 programs and guide you through the included online teaching and learning resources. Discover how you can best utilise our curriculum-aligned activities and student learning journeys. Webinars also give you the unique opportunity to meet one of the musicians from the ensemble you have booked! Register for our 2022 webinars here to secure your spot

Be sure to check our Upcoming Workshops & Forums regularly to be the first to know about our new offerings.

Upcoming Workshops & Forums

Discover a range of face-to-face and online events available nationally.

12 Week Moderated Online Course

This 14-hour online course is a general introduction to music education in the primary school, encouraging creativity and providing practical ideas for use in the classroom.