Musicadventures is an interactive series of books designed to put learning in the hands of students. Students can discover Indonesian Gamelan, the joys of brass, Turkish music and culture and more!

Aimed at students aged 6 to 12, the series explores a wide range of culturally diverse music with Australian curriculum links and teaching notes. The full series is free to download and is perfect for students to complete at their own pace, remotely.

How to Access

1. Open the ‘Books’ app on an iPad or iPhone
2. Search for Musica Viva In Schools
3. Download your chosen title for free!

List of Titles

Wa Wa Waltz
Discover the joys of brass with activities exploring melodies, rhythm and brass playing techniques.

The Musician’s Apprentice
Explore the rich music and culture of Turkey with ARIA-award winning ensemble Mara!

Lir Ilir
Journey through the unique music and culture of Indonesia, led by Gamelan group, Makukuhan.

Last Wave of the Golden Frog
Explore themes of conservation and the environment with rock and bluegrass ensemble, Zeeko.

Embark on a journey into the Australian bush and discover the sounds of nature!

Water, Water Everywhere
Deep dive into the theme of water and discover aspects of song such as voice, melody and rhyme.