Byline: Musica Viva

In celebration of the natural beauty that surrounds us, Vocal Detour, a newly formed ensemble of five passionate and highly experienced musicians, will take you on a journey of enchantment and reflection through the songs of Finzi, Hindemith and Wesley-Smith on 16 Feb at Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden for their sold out Musica Viva Sessions event.

 We asked soprano Anna Fraser to curate a playlist to give you a sense of what the musical experience will be on the night. Enjoy the playlist below, paired with her own words on the selections she made.

"Rarely is there a day I don’t pause for a moment, or longer, to appreciate a uniquely beautiful offering from Mother Nature and quite often in the immediacy of my terrace garden. The simple enjoyment of admiring the statuesque stance of a tiny black preying mantis, following a trail of ants to their source, enjoying the patterns on the wings of a moth resting in daylight, returning a sprightly bird call to a transient airborne visitor, basking in the seasonal foliage of my ginkgo - how radiant the autumn gold and so precious the first spring sprigs burst with vibrancy. And then the natural wonders and delights to be discovered on my regular Sydney parkland and foreshore jaunts - joy abounds!

However I can’t not be melancholy about the fragility of it all, our delicate ecosystem, and how much we take for granted it will always be there. We are visually stimulated as a populace, drawn to devices and streaming services - ironically watching the possible/inevitable destruction of it all as if forcibly removed from our environments rather than stepping out into it, living, loving and preserving it. And well, that’s the conundrum - possibly too many hours spent staring at this device today!"

Listen to the playlist below, and learn more about the event here.