Music Education In 2014

Music in schools and quality school music programs has been Musica Viva's passion since 1981. In 2014, we're thrilled to once again bring high quality live music to schools right across the country. Our diverse range of professional musicians tour to schools all over Australia, inspiring teachers and students through live music performance, and as artists in residence.

Live performance energises young minds and expands cultural awareness. Our comprehensive resources and professional learning opportunities enable teachers to follow the different learning paths of each child and deepen the exploration of the rich world of music.  

From Kununurra to St Kilda we’re breaking down barriers to reach more students in new ways that will enrich their musical experience. Digital or live, online or offline, our programs make music in the classroom accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

We hope you'll help us continue to inspire more Aussie students through live music.

Why choose Musica Viva In Schools?

•  Music increases academic performance across the board
•  Music improves students' listening skills and helps them concentrate longer
•  Music has a positive impact on school attendance and engagement
•  MVIS provides cross-curricula resources
•  MVIS provides accredited professional development courses
•  MVIS provides assessment rubrics, curriculum links, videos of dances, digital resources and is developing other ICT resources

Programs Available in 2014

•    Live Performance Plus - for all primary students and up to year 8
     Courses, resources and performances

•    Live Music Packages - for secondary students
     Performances and workshops

•    Musician In The Classroom - for primary and secondary students
     Our artisit in residence program

•    Anatomy of Music - secondary students
     Composition workshops with leading Australian musicians


A Story from a school in the ACT

At one concert Tigramuna called for a volunteer to perform a drumming exercise. A year 5 student was chosen and teachers described him later as a ‘disengaged’ child who had significant behavioural problems. This student had never had music lessons yet his rhythmic ability was described by the ensemble and the ACT Education Manager as ‘phenomenal’. The student has now commenced drumming lessons as a result of this experience.

Tigramuna perform as part of Live Performance Plus