Arte Kanela

Richard Tedesco,
Musical Director, Guitarist and Composer

Johnny Tedesco, Principal Dancer, Performance creator and Choreographer

Chantelle Cano, Flamenco Dancer

Joseph Batrouney, Flamenco Cajon, Tenor


An unforgettable experience that revels in the beauty and intensity of Flamenco 

Flamenco Flamenco is a story by Arte Kanela. Through emotive Flamenco, it breathes life into personal narratives, and pays heartfelt tribute to the legacy of the renowned Kanela Bar. Nestled in the Spanish quarter of Melbourne at 56 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, this legendary establishment was founded on the virtuoso talents of brothers Richard and Johnny Tedesco. Over the decades, it bore witness to a tapestry of performances, international collaborations, film recordings, and infamous fiestas.

Flamenco Flamenco embodies the story of these years: years which the brothers spent refining their craft, and forging an intimate connection with the soul-stirring artform that is Flamenco. It opens a window into a deeply personal journey, weaving together the captivating tales of the Kanela Bar.

65 minutes approx. No interval 

Technical Rider to be provided upon request. Show is adaptable to a variety of venues.

Each of the artists of Arte Kanela have many years of experience in teaching in their field and are skilled at imparting their knowledge to students. The Flamenco Performing Arts Studio, co-established in 1990 by Johnny and Richard Tedesco, remains today Melbourne’s most prominent, and one of Australia’s most highly respected institutions for Flamenco workshops and classes.  As such, Arte Kanela are more than happy to work with presenters and regional communities if they are interested in group workshops and masterclasses in Flamenco guitar, Flamenco dance and Flamenco percussion (all levels). 

Some examples of workshops  include:  Introduction to Flamenco Dance:  2-hour class introducing the complete beginner to the foundations of Flamenco, including footwork, basic dance techniques and a short choreography. 

Flamenco Dance Choreography: 2-hour masterclass for either Beginners or Intermediate to Advanced-level students of the artform focusing on choreography and expression in Flamenco dance.  

Flamenco Guitar Techniques:  1.5-hour masterclass for guitarists of all genres (with some experience) on traditional and modern Flamenco guitar techniques.  

Flamenco Percussion Appreciation:  1-hour masterclass for Flamenco enthusiasts focusing on the intricate rhythms and techniques of Flamenco percussion instruments like cajón and/or palmas.  

Combination Workshops:  A 2-hour masterclass bringing together any combination of the artists of Arte Kanela (guitarist/dancer, percussionist/dancer, guitarist/percussionist etc) for a joint masterclass, demonstrating the dialogue between each element in Flamenco 

School Outreach Programs: Collaborate with schools to offer Flamenco workshops and educational programs for students.

Open Flamenco Jam Session/Fiesta: Provide a platform for Flamenco enthusiasts to express themselves.  Community members can bring their instruments or join in with their dance moves.  

Collaborative Performances: Encourage collaboration between local Flamenco dancers, guitarists, and percussionists to create dynamic and interdisciplinary performances. This can involve choreographing original pieces, improvising together, and exploring innovative approaches to artistic expression.  

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