Mentoring and supporting emerging artists is key to our vision at Musica Viva Australia. We were delighted to welcome Newcastle based artist Jen Hankin who was mentored by Katherine Kemp, Director of Concerts and Communities, as part of the Accessible Arts Next Level Mentorship Program

Jen’s project Folksy Dreams is a music-based live experience, incorporating folk-inspired instrumental and vocal works for flexibly-scored ensembles. It is a gentle celebration of the uncomplicated joy and contentment to be found in connectedness: to the natural world, to friends and family, to the tiny things that make up real life.

Says Jen: ‘Every musical pathway I’ve explored has lead me back to the music of my childhood. Through the Orchestra and the garden of giant flowers I’ll open a window into my imagination. Together we’ll have some Folksy Dreams…’

Katherine reflects: ‘The creativity just bursts out of her, and the challenge is to find a way to sustain a creative life, which we spoke about with honesty on both sides. I appreciated the chance to hear first-hand about some of Jen’s frustrations with the ‘standard’ career path, which weren’t limited to disability, but to wider issues of privilege and inclusiveness, too.

For more information about Jen’s projects, click here.