“Truly a celebration of the creative and various cultures through music” – The Clothesline

Zhao Liang, guzheng
Satomi Ohnishi, percussion
David Dai, erhu

San Ureshi, which means ‘Joy of the Trio’, is a trio consisting of Guzheng, Erhu and Percussion. Since its establishment in 2019, San Ureshi has been experimenting with various cultures, soundscapes and textures, breaking boundaries through their projects and compositions. Their music paints colourful pictures of the old and new - to be at their performance / workshop, is like being immersed in an art gallery.

A true art music ensemble, they initially established to deliver a workshop for the Adelaide Festival Centre, Today it has evolved to present original works, deliver performances and workshops to school, public spaces and festivals, such as Ozasia festival and Adelaide fringe festival. Highlights include Art Gallery SA’s invitation to the trio to respond to artwork in 2019 for Islamic exhibition No God but God, in 2020 for Japanese exhibition Samurai and in 2021 for exhibition True Self. Today, this trio performs mostly original music written by members of the ensemble (Zhao Liang, Satomi Ohnishi and David Dai), as a trio or sometimes with friends (collaboration with string quartets, flamenco guitarists and the like!)

Be prepared for a musical journey through the east - from Japan to China and further on to the Middle East – accompanied by their historical narratives and storytelling-like music

Raindrops from the East

Raindrops from the east - a journey filled with awe and other surprises!

San Ureshi, formed in 2019, is a trio consisting of Zhao Liang (Guzheng), David Dai (Erhu) and Satomi Ohnishi (percussion). The trio experiments with various cultures, soundscapes and textures, breaking boundaries through their projects and compositions. The audience will experience East Asian traditional music and original contemporary tunes arranged in various world music styles and genres.


Zhao LIANG Samurai

Satomi OHNISHI Dan-O-Ura  

Zhao LIANG & Satomi OHNISHI Rain   

Zhao LIANG Kyo-shu        

TRADITIONAL Songs of the valley birds    

TRADITIONAL Drum echoes at the temple fair

CHINESE FOLK SONG arr. Satomi OHNISHI Kang Ding Qing Ge   

Zhao LIANG No God but God    

Satomi OHNISHI DFP         


60 minutes (approx) without interval

  • 2 x DIs
  • Percussion microphones
  • 1 x microphone on stand
  • 2 x armless chairs

Zhao Liang is founder of School of Chinese Music and Arts, based in SA since 2005. In recent years, the organisation focuses on community outreach through an oriental tapestry of music and arts. Initially starting out as a music school, it has developed into a unique SA arts organisation that facilitates community engagement programs through partnerships with schools, local councils and organisations throughout greater Adelaide, to deliver ground-breaking projects, such as Multicultural Storytime sessions, workshops and more recently Family Phonics.

Through School of Chinese Music and Arts, San Ureshi has been engaged in the last two years to develop program “Travel around the world with kids’ music” which has been widely received. Featuring children’s songs with rearrangements throughout, the show has become an intercultural show featuring various cultures. This is very much suited to libraries, community centres, lower year levels. However, it has proven to be an all ages program.

April to August 2023

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