Harry Ward appointed to Berlin Philharmonic

Nothing makes us at Musica Viva Australia happier than seeing our early-career artists thrive, blazing a trail for themselves at home or on the world stage. So you can imagine our delight at the appointment in January of MVA FutureMakers alumnus and violinist Harry Ward to the First Violins of the Berlin Philharmonic.  Harry was recruited to this highly coveted position in one of the world’s most prestigious orchestras from its Karajan Academy, a training ground for young orchestral talent after studying with ANAM (Australian National Academy of Music). We offer him our warmest congratulations. 

Just 48 hours before the announcement was made, our Artistic Director Paul Kildea received the final cut of a short film about Harry and the impact that his participation in our FutureMakers program has had on his career development. We’re proud to share it with you now. 

FutureMakers identifies and supports the artistic directors of tomorrow – the young artists who will shape what we see and hear in Australian arts in the years to come. You can start following the stories of 2023’s FutureMakers here. Musica Viva Australia is supporting talented double bassist, vocalist and composer Helen Svoboda and violist Katie Yap as FutureMakers in 2023–4 who join composer and violist Matt Laing.   

As part of our two-year FutureMakers program, artists receive strategic mentoring from leading artists, directors, and consultants across a range of industries. Artists are also supported in the creation of an ambitious performance project with music at its heart.  

We’re thrilled our 2023 season features the brainchild of FutureMakers alumnus Matthias Schack-Arnott, who has worked closely with Paul Kildea on the conception of The Cage Project. This stunning concert sees pianist Cédric Tiberghien play John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes as part of a kinetic sound sculpture created by Matthias. The Cage Project will be performed initially as part of Perth and Adelaide Festivals.   

Other notable alumni of our FutureMakers program include trailblazers for Australian wind music Arcadia Winds (touring for MVA in regional NSW in 2023), pianist Aura Go (who headlines a national tour of our staged production Chopin’s Piano this year), and composer and violist Matt Laing, whose piece Little Cataclysms was performed by the Z.E.N. Trio in 2022 as part of their acclaimed tour.