Van Diemen's Band

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Van Diemen’s Band comes from an island state. And perhaps it’s the absence of land borders that empowers its musicians to view the world in a distinctive light.

This Tasmanian Baroque ensemble invites you to explore the historic borderlands of Europe. For centuries generations of musicians wrote dances and masses, symphonies and quartets, as their homelands changed ownership under their feet. Or their nations remained steadfast, allowing the most magical cultural overlaps at the border fringes.

The world has changed dramatically since the idea of the program was devised, freighting the term ‘borderlands’ with renewed and disturbing resonance. 

As Artistic Director and violinist Julia Fredersdorff says, “our idea of Borderlands [has] turned out to be scarily prescient and … what had been a fairly abstract idea at the time has suddenly gained a much more poignant and even political tint.”

With that in mind, Fredersdorff believes hearing this music at a time of great geopolitical turmoil is to experience a sense of kinship with the circumstances of its composers, many of whom experienced first-hand the tensions of 17th-century Europe. Works by Becker, Scheidt and Albinoni share the bill with María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir’s 2013 Clockworking and a highly anticipated new work by Van Diemen’s Band harpsichordist and organ player Donald Nicolson.

Themes of loss, regret and resentment connect these works, as does hope, underlining Fredersdorff’s belief that music can be a powerful cathartic tool. Just as Van Diemen’s Band invites instrumental guests from across Australia’s state borders, these composers remind us how we’re still united through music – no matter what borders lie between us.

"Moving from lament to humour and virtuosity with unanimity, creating a kaleidoscope of emotions that tugged the heartstrings."
— Limelight
"The gasps from the audience said it all, as the music became ever more dramatic and the harmonies ever more progressive… Proof, should it be needed, that music truly does transcend time and space."
— Limelight

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JULIA FREDERSDORFF Artistic Director & violin
SIMONE SLATTERY Violin & recorder
ANTON BABA Bass Viol & cello
DONALD NICOLSON Harpsichord & organ


BECKER Sonata No. 5 in F MajorSCHEIDT Galliard Battaglia BECKER PaduanSAINTE-COLOMBE Les PleursSCHEIDT CourantERLEBACH Chaconne
ALBINONI Sinfonia à 5 in C Major


MUFFAT Sonata in D Major
SIGFÚSDÓTTIR Clockworking (2013)ANON Sonata JucundaNICOLSON Spirals (2022)*

*World premiere performances

Brisbane: This concert is a Steven Kinston Tribute Concert.

This tour is generously supported by our Ensemble Patrons:
Ian Dickson & Reg Holloway

Concert Champions:
Kim Williams AM & Catherine Dovey (Sydney)
Kay Vernon (Sydney)
Deborah Lehmann AO & Michael Alpers AO (Perth)
Andrew & Kate Lister (Brisbane)
Anonymous (Melbourne)

Van Diemen's Band will be livestreamed on Monday 9 May at 7pm AEST.

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Perth   26 April 7:30pm
Adelaide   28 April 7:30pm
Sydney   30 April 2pm
Melbourne   3 May 7pm
Brisbane   5 May 7pm
Sydney   9 May 7pm
Newcastle   10 May 7:30pm
Canberra   12 May 7pm
Melbourne   14 May 7pm


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