Kelley Sheenan

Estampa had a fantastic performance and we've received great audience feedback – Peta Kishawi, Restrung Festival, Metro Arts.


Rebecca Karlen Violin, Viola, Nyckelharpa, Voice

Paul Henderson Acoustic Guitar, Banjo

John Reeves Button Accordion

Samuel Vincent Double Bass

Estampa is a Brisbane based quartet that blends elements of world, folk, and jazz music. Their performances evoke the charm of Parisian streets, the passion of South American culture, and the haunting beauty of Swedish folk music. The group's distinct instrumentation, fusing together a diverse range of unconventional instruments, creates a captivating and dynamic sound that is sure to enthrall any listener. Experience an eclectic performance that will transport you to a 1930's Parisian jazz club, the streets of São Paulo or the joyous Midsummer celebrations in Scandinavia. Estampa is composed of Rebecca Karlen on violin, viola, nyckelharpa and vocals, Paul Henderson on guitar and banjo, John Reeves on button accordion, and Samuel Vincent on double bass. Each member brings their own diverse musical background to the group.

Music Without Borders

World tour on a musical passport

This concert presents an eclectic mix of music from various cultures and genres. The band takes the audience on a musical journey, beginning with a lively Swedish contemporary folk cover of Väsen, followed by a sultry French gypsy bossa. The band also showcases their ability to weave together traditional and contemporary sounds, with a Swedish traditional wedding polska.

Emotive performances of French chanson and an original composition inspired by African music highlight the band's musical prowess, while a unique interpretation of Vivaldi's Presto movement from Summer captivates the audience with its distinctive instrumentation. The concert pays homage to the band's roots with a Swedish traditional folk ballad and features beautiful renditions of a Latin American folk ballad from Argentina and an Italian bossa nova.

The concert concludes with an original folk composition and Brazilian choro, followed by a French chanson based on a Peruvian waltz and a unique arrangement of a Norwegian folk piece. This concert promises a diverse and captivating experience, showcasing the band's unique musical style and arrangements.

Flippen - Swedish contemporary folk cover of Väsen

Jardin d’hiver - French gypsy bossa

Bas-Pelles Eriks Brudpolska - Swedish traditional wedding polska

Je me suis fait tout petit - French chanson by Georges Brassens

Departure - Original composition inspired by South African pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim

Presto from Summer - Vivaldi: Baroque music with unique instrumentation

Visa från Utanmyra - Swedish traditional folk ballad

Big Country - Bluegrass and Appalachian inspired tune by Béla Fleck

Alfonsina y el mar - Latin American folk ballad from Argentina by Ariel Ramírez and Félix Luna

Estate - Italian bossa nova by Bruno Martino

Lay Down Your Arms and Make Merry - Original folk composition by John Reeves

Brasilierinho - Brazilian choro by Waldir Azevedo

Triste - Bossa Nova by Antonio Carlos Jobim

La Foule - French chanson based on a Peruvian waltz by Angel Cabral and Michel Rivgauche

Old Reinlender from Sønndala - Estampa arrangement of a Norwegian folk piece, inspired by Danish String Quartet

Choro Pesado - Modern Brazilian choro by Dudu Maia and Douglas Lora

Rebecca Karlen

Rebecca Karlen is a versatile freelance musician and singer, who recently completed a Master of Music Research from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. She is particularly active with her band Estampa, releasing a second album in 2021 and performing at various festivals and venues. Rebecca has also worked with the QLD Pops Orchestra, Topology, and several different performers agencies, including performances at QPAC, Brisbane Jazz Festival, Woodford Festival, and more.


John Reeves

John Reeves has had a diverse career in music, having trained in classical piano at the Royal College of Music in London before transitioning to jazz and eventually developing a passion for African music. He has performed with a variety of groups including Verve Recording artist Mark Sholtez, Baala Baajo, Samoko, Afro Dizzy Act, and Jali Buba Kuyateh. Currently, he is a member of Estampa, The Shenton Gregory Qtet, and The Kooralbyn Project, and has performed at Woodford Folk Festival with Tenzin Choegyal.


Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson is an accomplished guitarist with over 25 years of professional experience. He is a versatile musician with a strong interest in banjo, having studied under renowned Punch Brothers' banjo player Noam Pikelny. Paul has collaborated with a diverse range of artists from various genres, including Wendy Matthews, Julie Anthony, and Rhonda Burchmore.


Samuel Vincent

Samuel Vincent is a highly skilled bassist and educator with over 25 years of experience in performing music. He graduated from QUT with a Bmus in classical Double Bass and has since performed with numerous acts, including Laique, Topology, and the Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra. Samuel is currently a member of world/folk ensemble Estampa and renowned contemporary jazz outfit Trichotomy.

Estampa's workshops offer a unique opportunity to explore the world of music in a fun and engaging way. Participants can learn about the rich cultural traditions and history behind the music and the various musical techniques used to create Estampa's signature sound. In addition, the workshops also incorporate group improvisation, where participants can join in and contribute their own musical ideas, creating a collaborative and inclusive experience. Whether you're a musician, music student, or simply a lover of music, Estampa's workshops provide an interactive and enriching experience that will deepen your understanding and appreciation for different musical styles.

15 Feb - 30 June

1 Aug - 30 Sep

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