Paul Mosig

‘Gelareh’s voice can at one moment be soothing and dreamlike and then rise to artfully crafted keens – acute intensities that retain a knife-like edge of control and abandon.’  - Hear & Now


Gelareh Pour, Kamanach/Qheychack

Brian O’Dwyer, drumkit

ZÖJ is a Victorian based duo featuring Gelareh Pour on voice and Persian Kamancheh, and Brian O'Dwyer on drum kit.

Pour’s classical background comes through in masterful playing and evocative interpretations of Persian poetry sung in Farsi. Together with O’Dwyer’s experimental rhythms, the duo’s nuanced synergetic connection sparkles with emotion and purpose.

Gelareh Pour and Brian O’Dwyer have a significant working relationship that has seen the duo co-produce and release several albums together.

The ideals of ZÖJ are firmly rooted in true expression of inter-culturalism, specifically what it means to be from more than one place.

ZÖJ perform structured improvisations that are inclusive of the moment and environment. Translating that each ZÖJ performance is different as the duo allow the space in which they are performing to direct their music and reactions.

There is no celebration here

ZÖJ, meaning ‘couple’ in Farsi, are the duo of two of Australia’s acclaimed improvising musicians, singer and Kamancheh player Gelareh Pour and drummer Brian O’Dwyer who have developed a reputation for their deeply moving, experimental free form music.

As you read this, women and girls around the world struggle against legally enshrined gender inequality and discrimination. Following the death of Masha Jina Amini in police custody, the girls and woman of the Women-Life-Freedom movement in Iran have courageously and peacefully demonstrated for their fundamental human rights. Protests have been met with fatal reprisals by authorities.

Experimental duo ZÖJ perform There Is No Celebration Here, a dark, romantic, and poetic set of structured improvisations that bring these injustices and human rights abuses into focus.

Coming from performances at Womadelaide and MONA FOMA in 2022, as well as a string of notable performances throughout 2023, ZÖJ is an emotionally charged, yet sensitively staged performance that should not be missed.

Technical specifications are dependent on the venue.

Smaller venues (50-100 capacity):

1x vocal microphone/PA

Larger venues (100+ capacity)

1x vocal microphone

1x amplifier microphone

1x bass drum microphone

1x snare drum microphone

1x floor tom microphone

2x overhead microphone

Gelareh and Brian are available for the following workshops:


  • Iranian Women’s Status in Music in Iran and Diaspora

Gelareh and Brian:

  • Improvisation in experimental music
  • A journey of Persian music to Australian contemporary music

Available throughout the year

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