Coco's Lunch with the Sai Brothers: Raising Rhythms


Experience the electrifying cross-cultural collaboration of ‘Australia’s magical purveyors of the a cappella
art’, Coco’s Lunch, with The Sai Brothers, as together they unite in a groundbreaking fusion of musical cultures: Raising Rhythms.

In a bold exploration of creativity, these musicians forge a distinct language and style that brings together
the sublime vocal textures of Coco’s Lunch with the virtuosic rhythmic energy of renowned siblings The Sai
Brothers on mridangam, kanjira and tabla.

With Coco’s Lunch member Dr. Lisa Young’s mastery as a konnakol (South Indian vocal percussion) artist and a shared teaching lineage between Coco’s Lunch and The Sai Brothers, this collaboration unveils a new dimension of artistic expression, expanding the original work of the Coco’s Lunch composers.

Known internationally for their rhythmic prowess, ensemble-composed konnakol, soulful lyrics and skintight harmonies, Coco’s Lunch with the Sai Brothers offers a transcendent musical experience that resonates both locally and globally - and is a must-see incarnation for existing fans of Coco’s Lunch.

Coco’s Lunch with the Sai Brothers premiered in 2023 at Melbourne Recital Centre to a standing ovation and a 4-star review in The Age.

Sample set:

Tempo of Humanity (5:20) by Lisa Young 

Tha Thin Tha (3:30) by Lisa Young 

The Baobab (5:00) by Jacqueline Gawler 

Misra Chappu (3:45) by Lisa Young 

Chanson Pour Anaïs (4:15) by Jacqueline Gawler 

Other Plans (4:30) by Lisa Young 

The Gift (4:45) by Lisa Young 

On The Track (5:30) by Lisa Young 

This Heart of the World (4:20) by Lisa Young 

Palani Princess (4:30) by Jacqueline Gawler 

Varkala (3:50) by Jacqueline Gawler 

Either 70 mins no interval or 80 minutes with interval 

Coco's Lunch are Australia's multi award-winning, magical purveyors of original vocal repertoire. With 7 critically acclaimed albums under their belt, these women have won the hearts of audiences in over 13 different countries, received countless awards, been featured on compilation albums worldwide, and inspired a generation of singers.

Lisa Young, voice & percussion 

Jacqueline Gawler, voice & percussion 

Gabrielle MacGregor, voice & percussion 

Emma Gilmartin, voice & percussion 


The Sai Brothers

Rising superstars The Sai Brothers are fast becoming recognised in both Australia and India for their virtuosic mridangam playing, grounded in their rich musical lineage and training under the late maestro Guru Karaikudi R Mani.

Sai-Nivaeithan Ravichandhira (mridangam, kanjira)

Sai-Sarangan Ravichandhira (mridangam, kanjira)

Coco's Lunch would love to conduct vocal workshops as part of any tour. A standard workshop is 1.5 hours, however can be expanded to suit presenter programming (for example, Coco's Lunch is happy to offer half day or full day workshops).  Workshops or masterclasses can be aimed at any level of expertise from beginner through to advanced.  

More info: Coco’s Lunch are renowned educators in their field, and have conducted vocal workshops around the globe at venues and festivals in 13 countries. Their award-winning songs are sung by hundreds of choirs and vocal ensembles throughout the world, and their entire repertoire is published as sheet music available for purchase. Their vocal workshops for the 2011 Polyfollia World Festival & Showcase for Choral Music in France were translated real-time into French, and they performed and conducted workshops throughout Asia for 10 years with Musica Viva Australia’s Export program. 

Coco’s Lunch are warm, inclusive, energetic workshop leaders who are passionate about empowering participants and inspiring them to the next level.  They are the only vocal group, to their knowledge, teaching original compositions that feature the exhilarating rhythmic artform known as konnakol (South Indian vocal percussion) in 4 part layers - under the expert tutelage of Coco’s Lunch member Dr. Lisa Young, who recently completed her PhD in the field.  

Please enquire for availability. Coco's Lunch are NOT available   
5 - 21 April, 5 - 20 July, 20 Sept - 5 Oct 2025.

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