Intensive Music Residencies

Prompted by the latest research that shows powerful benefits to disadvantaged children who receive long-term exposure to music training, Musica Viva has built a model of intensive residencies. These residencies bring Musica Viva In Schools artists and educators together with a school’s teachers and community for a long-term collaboration that has lasting impact far beyond the life of the residency.

Building the capacity of generalist classroom teachers to deliver music education is a key focus area for Musica Viva. This is particularly vital in the face of declining hours spent on music education by pre-service teachers over their undergraduate teaching degree (an average of only 6-hours in Australia), and an alarmingly small number of music specialist teachers in schools, particularly in the public sector and in low socioeconomic schools.

Key to these residencies are the following principles:

  • A three-year program to provide the catalyst to embed music in the school’s culture;
  • Musica Viva provides the curriculum, resources and music technology;
  • A dedicated coordinator from the school is trained to implement the program;
  • Professional Teaching Artists run workshops with the children every week;
  • Experienced Teaching Artists create peer-supported, creative spaces for teachers and students;
  • Musica Viva educators run workshops with the teachers on bringing music into the general classroom;
  • Musica Viva partners with affiliate organisations, instrument providers, professional musicians, performance groups and private philanthropists to deliver the program.
  • After three years, the school assumes full responsibility for the students’ ongoing music education, having (as a result of the residency) the necessary resources, tools, connections and culture to do so.

Musica Viva’s Intensive Music Residencies have an exceptionally deep and long-lasting impact. Due to the cost and duration of this program, the Musica Viva Intensive Music Residency requires the collaboration of teachers, Musica Viva staff, and professional musicians and specialists. Musica Viva relies on the generous support of donors including philanthropic trusts and foundations, and groups of individuals that pool resources and take ownership of a particular school residency’s funding.

If you would like to support an Intensive Music Residency within a school, please contact Musica Viva.