Byline: Musica Viva 

When Musica Viva began live streaming concerts in 2020, our aim was to create and maintain a connection with chamber music lovers across Australia. What began as something of an experiment with our unique and intimate online concert series Discover, became a necessity. We are delighted to deliver the awe-inspiring music of main stage concerts into people's homes - regardless of their geographical location.

Our second live stream this year featured Konstantin Shamray with the ANAM Orchestra, Sophie Rowell and Harry Ward presented from Melbourne Recital Centre on 15 May.

We were incredibly humbled to receive such positive feedback from long standing subscribers to our newest viewers who could not attend the concert in person, but tuned in from the comfort of their homes across Australia.

“How fabulous to watch a live streamed concert of superb musicians in my own home.” Musica Viva Patron, VIC

Just as musicians were connecting with audiences in the concert hall, so too was the composer – Estonian-born Mihkel Kerem tuned in from his home in the United Kingdom to watch as some of Australia’s most brilliant musicians performed his work, Lamento.

At the end of the performance, Kerem, who is also Assistant Concertmaster with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, penned a touching response to the experience, highlighting the benefits of live streamed concert experiences. 

Read Mihkel's words below:

What can I say. Still watching the concert but need to leave soon to get my 1st jab. 

I felt tremendously emotional during the Mahler (tell Harry I prefer his version to the original, makes way more sense and sounds more complete). To see amazingly talented and by the looks of it, lovely and humble musicians, playing with such amazing sound....yeah...

I am lost for words. I really am! Doesn't happen often to. Schnitke was just totally mind blowing. It is the share quality of playing to moves me the most. I am always the 1st to say, forget the quality of technique and focus on what you have to say before...tonight those things were both so vividly there that I forgot myself and simply listened...listened...listened.

I feel even more privileged that you chose my Lamento in your program. Harry is a very brave man! My girlfriend, so a violinist at RLPO was sitting next to me and simply said "wow" after Harrys 1st phrase. And then it got even better. This piece has had many many performances in its different versions and some of them have been absolutely out of this world outstanding. This one today was the best I have heard. Thank you for making me do this arrangement. This superb performance would never have existed otherwise. My hat off (i will put one on in a minute and then take it off again specially) to you all!!!

Especially to Harry! Would be amazing to find a chance for him to play my violin concerto (all composers are the same; when they have it all, they want more of it). 

I wish wish wish I could have been there to experience it in the room. But this live stream was totally amazing too. I was able to enjoy a cup of tea in my living room and watch amazing professional musicians suffer, on stage. 😇

The Tchaikovsky is simply exquisite. My absolute best to you all.

Please say my special thank you to Sophie, Harry and of course Konstantin for this amazing concert.

And last but not least, thank YOU!!!


PS: my concert hall in pictures.